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Does Google Reviews affect SEO Rankings

Before the advancement in technology, the company’s performance was largely dependent on word-of-mouth spread by its users. If more people gave a negative feedback about a company’s product or service it would directly affect its performance.

Even today, word-of-mouth plays a very important role in determining a company’s performance. The only change that has taken over the business industry is the digitization of their brands. Oral word-of-mouth has replaced online feedback and reviews, especially Google reviews.

The question that next arises are why Google reviews affect the SEO ranking of a company. It is simply because Google still gives more relevance to word-of-mouth marketing.  What makes your business idea rank higher is the quality and quantity of reviews posted by different individuals. Google takes a similar stance because users and search engines share the same objectives. It ensures the deliverance of the right information, products, and services to potential customers across the web.

The users’ purchase choices and brand priorities are more or less based on sourced recommendations.

Factors that affect SEO Rankings

There are two major factors that affect the SEO ranking of each website displayed on the Google search engine-

  • Relevance: The position of any webpage on the search engine is determined by the kind of information that it contains. The information or idea must be relevant to the users finding answers to their queries. Irrelevant data can never help a business achieve desired results.
  • Prominence: The performance of any business big or small is prominent through its quality of service and products delivered. Reviews fall under the category of prominence because a company with positive feedback will always attain a better SEO ranking.   

Influence of Reviews on SEO Rankings

A study in 2017 suggests that online reviews are the fifth most influential parameter in driving the online presence and ranking of any business. As a result, the impact of Google reviews has increased manifold in determining SEO rankings.

Over the years, more and more customers rely on online reviews before making their purchase decisions the percentage is going to rise further.   

 The adoption of SEO can assist businesses in improving their online visibility, gaining an edge over competitors, and boosting online rankings on SERPs. This implies that companies with good reviews and high ratings are likely given preference on search engines over companies with poor reviews.

  • Generating consumer-oriented data is an important tool in attaining top positions across various search engines. Google and other search engines pay more attention to genuine customer experiences and feedback.
  • So far it is evident that businesses with plenty of positive reviews and high customer ratings are likely to rank high on search engines.
  • Reviews whether good or bad have an impact on the reputation of any business. Acquiring good reviews positively affects customer traffic on any website. Although bad reviews do not always affect the position of search engine ranking of any website. It is only after complete verification of the authenticity of negative reviews that Google deduces the website ranking.

It is very important to understand that it is not just the number of reviews that affects SEO rankings but the kind of reviews given.

Consumers have increasingly become aware of taking into account the company’s ranking and rating before making any financial move.

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