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Perfect Timing Technologies has always been passionate about delivering professional results on time. We not only help businesses rebuild websites but also customers’ confidence in their products and services

Number of employees in different locations.
We have undertaken almost 200 projects.
New projects totaling $5 billion.

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Perfect Timing Technologies has always been passionate about delivering professional results on time. We not only help businesses rebuild websites but also customers’ confidence in their products and services

Website Development Services

We offer a wide range of website development and design services that are fully customized. We create highly responsive websites for our valued clients.  

Mobile App Development Services

We incorporate intuitive solutions to offer mobile development apps with features that are easy to use with a simple user interface. Our expert App developers create flawless mobile applications.

Software Development Services

Make your way to growth and success by hiring our competent Software Developers. We offer comprehensive end-to-end software development services. 

Graphic Designing Solution

Why worry about your website Graphic design when we are here? We deliver on-time, result-driven, professional, and creative graphic designing solutions to our clients.  

Digital Marketing Solutions

We have the expertise needed to cover the vast domain of digital marketing. We are an industry expert when it comes to Search engine optimization and other digital marketing solutions. We would help your business build a solid online presence by catering to all your digital marketing needs

AI and ML Security Solutions

Join hands with our company to leverage our highly secure AI and ML services. Our security solutions help you create advanced systems that are not affected by cyber threats and other risks

IT Support and Maintenance Services

Take advantage of our IT support and maintenance services to make your website prevent any unusual or critical issues. We have excellent IT support and maintenance solutions to help your business be ready for any unplanned event. 

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We help organizations of all sizes from start-ups to global enterprises across for finance and operations in all industries


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate President Sakir Yavuz and the entire board of Directors for Perfect Timing on the launch of the Technologies Website.

Perfect Timing continues to lead the way in search of excellence in its delivery of goods and services.

Technology is advancing globally on a daily basis and only those with the insight and speed will catch up with it.

Perfect timing has demonstrated over time that it is determined to remain on the cutting edge of the evolving technologies. CONGRATULATIONS!
Dr. Nevers Mumba
Former Former Vice President of Zambia &
President of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) political party in Zambia

I take great pleasure in announcing that Perfect Timing Holding has successfully expanded its IT industry presence with its subsidiary company Perfect Timing Technologies. Perfect Timing Technologies, launched in 2001, is a powerhouse of talent with highly skilled professionals committed to their jobs.

The excellent work done by Perfect Timing Technologies' talented team of individuals is worth all the applause. The ATAFOM University website, the GULA website, and the Perfect Timing Technologies website itself reflect the great technological success achieved by PTT. Not just that, our IT firm is getting its well-deserved share of industrial success through its extraordinary delivery of the best IT solutions to new and existing clients. I wish the whole team of Perfect Timing Technologies a great year ahead. The pace at which PTT is expanding its reach to deliver high-quality IT services and solutions is going to bring in better rewards in the future. .

It makes my heart fill with pride to look at the marvelous job accomplished by the whole team of Perfect Timing Technologies.
Dr. Metin Kimildar
GULA Shareholder & Board Member, Practicing Doctor in Istanbul

Connecting the World digitally is a power of Perfect Timing Technology - PTT. Working in the Education sector as the Director of ATAFOM Language Academy - ALA - at the ATAFOM University International I have seen how high quality education is delivered digitally to children in remote areas on a daily basis. I’ve also experienced how lives have been saved and transformed digitally through empowerment, how spirit of hard work, commitment, meeting deadlines and high standard work ethics have been instilled to staff who have never had physical contacts, how mission is explained, shared and protected by people staying far away with lots of cultural differences.

Thanks to the PTT I have seen, lived and experienced the technological progress and this again and again.

I have already seen a better future through Perfect Timing Technology.
Jamila Abubakar
Director of ATAFOM Language Academy
Head of ATAFOM Info Office Nigeria

Prince Albert is establishing his own kingdom and has commissioned the PTT to develop all of the management software for the entire kingdom.

Perfect Timing Technologies Reference from Prince Albert of Anhalt

Had I not seen the tremendously developed GULA website and the PTT website, I would never have turned to PTT. Ever since I got associated with Perfect Timing Technologies, I have witnessed how committed the whole IT team is toward their job responsibilities. The trust I placed in Perfect Timing Technologies to develop the management software for my entire Kingdom is worth every penny.

As far as recommending this IT company to every new business is concerned I would say “You can trust their capabilities without question.”

The Perfect Timing Technologies justify every single word in its company name “They render perfect IT solutions to their clients in the best time frame.” That is what makes this highly professional IT firm stand out in the industry.
His Highness Prince Albert
His Highness Prince Albert of Anhalt Duke of Saxony Germany

Come to us with the passion to make your business reach the top of the industry and we shall make it our goal. 

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