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In the new digital era, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology are often used synonymously. Artificial Intelligence has revitalized the IT space and infrastructure. Information Technology deals with various software, computers, and data transmission systems. 

But it is the application of AI into IT that defines the future of technology and applications. The reality is that Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology are distinct terms with different implications. Let’s try to understand the difference between the two in simple words-

Artificial Intelligence aims at accomplishing tasks that involve learning, adapting, functioning, processing information, and speech recognition just like humans. Whereas, Information Technology refers to computer systems that carry out the task of evaluating, storing, capturing, and analyzing data of different types. 

It performs the task of transmitting and manipulating various kinds of data. On the other hand, AI-powered applications focus on accelerating problem resolution thereby, improving IT operations. Therefore, AI software is considered to be smarter within the 

IT space.

The Fusion of Artificial Intelligence into Information Technology

There is no doubt in the fact that most technological innovations are a result of Information technology. However, the fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology has led to easy handling of complex data. 

Artificial Intelligence has taken the whole IT industry by storm. It has enabled the transformation of IT systems into intelligent solutions to operate various IT functionalities efficiently. What makes AI so intelligent in the IT space is its two core functionalities- Robotic Process Automation(RPA) Software and Optimization. 

When combined with AI, RPA replaces the IT functions to automate data processing and decision-making. This helps organizations to free up human resources and utilize them in other brain-intensive tasks. 

Applications of AI in Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence plays a key role in the Information Technology sector. Given below are some of the important applications of AI in IT-

  1. AI Provides Data Security: Cyber Security and data protection concerns have significantly increased due to large amounts of data being generated every second. It is mainly due to the increased adoption of the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. AI can help your business achieve security and privacy of your business’s sensitive data. AI builds intelligent systems with multi-layer protection to detect vulnerabilities and data breaches providing your business with cyber security defense.    
  2. AI Helps Build Better Information Systems: To build an excellent information system you need an efficiently running and bug-free code. AI helps programmers write better codes by using a series of algorithms. Based on the developer’s performance, AI proposes a pre-designed set of algorithms to enhance the development time. 
  3. AI Enables Automation of Backend Processes: To cut down on cost and time, AI systems integrate with learning networks to enable the automation of backend processes. The best part of AI algorithms is that they learn from past mistakes in accomplishing tasks and enable writing better codes the next time. Artificial Intelligence automation can correct issues of UI testing thereby improving the delivery processes and team efficiency. 

The Benefits of AI for Information Technology

While developing software, an IT system focuses on two key points- one is quality and the second is development time. An AI system helps to overcome loopholes during the software development and deployment process. 

Here are some of the benefits that Artificial Intelligence provides-

  • The data insights drawn through artificial intelligence allow IT professionals to make faster decisions that improve the speed of tasks performed. 
  • Artificial Intelligence tools help in the drastic reduction of deployment time through predictive analysis.
  • AI has brought a revolution in the modern IT ecosystem by enabling computers to process massive data using Natural Language Processing and perform specific tasks.
  • AI-powered testing speeds up the regression testing of software. Whenever a new code is developed, the IT department can easily detect errors and reduce the running test time. 

In today’s modern industrial world, it is important to tackle industry challenges by making strategic choices that are impactful. The integration of AI into IT helps to transform data analytics into well-executed actions by gathering real-time data. The horizons of artificial intelligence are broadening within the IT landscape. 

The best part about incorporating AI into your IT systems is that AI can perform multiple tasks without getting tired. If you want to know how AI can help you meet your complex business needs, Contact Us today.