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Usually, customer experience is regarded as an additional favor offered to customers to enhance their experience with a brand. A great brand experience keeps your customers coming back to your services again and again. But an outstanding customer experience will help your brand reach a wider audience. 

With businesses going digital it has become difficult to provide your customers with a memorable experience. Most of the brands are available online, so to enhance customer experience you must develop customer interactions. 

Providing a great digital customer experience has become all the more important for businesses in the current scenario. 

First, let us try to understand the meaning of Digital customer experience. 

Digital customer experience refers to the online interaction and communication that takes place between your brand and customers. 

The question remains: Is there a difference between customer experience and digital customer experience?

In simplest words, the Digital Customer experience is a component of the overall customer experience. In today’s digital era, the online presence of a brand will directly impact how customers view the brand. You must work on both digital and physical customer experience to build a strong relationship with your customers. 

The 5 Phases in the Digital Customer Experience Journey

There are five important phases throughout the digital customer experience journey. Let’s consider them one by one.

  1. Brand Awareness Phase: During this phase, the online audience comes across your brand and explores your product offerings. This awareness is brought about by Ads, e-mails, references from family and friends, and various online engagements.
  2. Product Consideration Phase: In this phase, the customers start to explore your products and services by doing extensive online research. The consideration phase allows customers to interact with your brand most probably by using an online demo or trial.  
  3. Product Purchase Phase: Once the customers are convinced that your products meet their needs, they will finally make the purchase. 
  4. Brand Experience Phase: The most crucial phase is the experience phase which begins just as the product is delivered. This phase includes all the activities or behaviors performed by the consumers after using your product or services. Customers want personalized product experiences and intuitive interfaces.  
  5. Brand Loyalty Phase: This is the last phase which reflects how satisfied a customer is with your brand. If their experience so far is outstanding, they will turn into loyal customers. And their long-term advocacy will contribute to building your digital customer experience.   

Why is Digital Customer Experience Crucial to your Business?

Digital customer experience is crucial to your business for the following reasons-

  • It drives a higher customer retention rate

Customers tend to purchase products and services that they trust and offer them excellent customer experience. A great digital customer experience makes customers return to your website time and again because they know buying your product is worth their money. By delivering more intuitive experiences you can eventually drive higher customer retention. 

  • It reduces customers turning away from your brand

Dissatisfied customers can hold back your business from growing sustainably. But a great digital customer experience will reduce the number of customers turning away from your brand. 

  • It leads to better customer adoption

Customer adoption is very important for your business to build strong customer loyalty. A strong digital customer experience results in customers having a positive interaction with your brand thereby leading to better customer adoption.  

  • It increases the lifetime customer value

The lifetime value of customers is very crucial to scale your business and its prospects. If you offer an outstanding digital customer experience the customers will keep coming back to your website and increase their lifetime customer value. 

  • It helps to boost your brand equity

A seamless digital customer experience will make your customers loyal to your brand. Further, they will spread the good mouth of word to their family, friends, and acquaintances which will boost your brand equity. 

  • It helps to reduce the overall marketing cost

If you can offer a great digital customer experience, you will reduce the overall marketing costs in the long run. You will have to put the minimum effort into bringing your loyal customers back to your website at regular intervals.  

To build a strong digital customer experience you must be proactive. Firstly, you need to understand the needs of your customers and then formulate strategies to fulfill their expectations. 

We at Perfect Timing Technologies can assist you in building a great digital customer experience.