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Web hosting is an online service that helps businesses to launch their website or web application on the Internet. Many web hosting services provide you with some space on a physical server where all the important files and business data are stored to ensure your website works properly. 

How does it Work?

A web server that hosts your website is a computer that runs consistently to make your website accessible to users. When you buy a server for hosting your website it allows you to store all the website’s crucial data on that server. 

When a user enters your domain name on their browser’s search bar, the server will transfer all necessary files required to load your website. 

Web hosting can be done by your internal employees, but it requires a specific technical skill set. 

Web hosting done by the company itself requires setting up and configuring a web server that includes equipment, infrastructure, hardware, and software development. In addition to that, you also have to look after the maintenance of the server. 

There are many web hosting servers providing companies that ensure the optimal performance of your website along with better security. Hiring a professional web hosting service firm can simplify the complex processes involved in web hosting from software installation to tech support. 

Different Types of Web Hosting Services

There are several web hosting options available so it becomes a challenging task to determine the best one that suits your requirements. 

Web hosting services are different for businesses and individual blog creators. 

It is ideal to start with the easiest web hosting solution. Once the website starts driving traffic, you can upgrade your web hosting service. 

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting refers to multiple users sharing the same server resources such as memory, processing power, and space. 

Due to its affordability, shared web hosting is a great solution for small businesses and new websites. If you are a new market entrant, you can take the help of shared web hosting to begin your web journey. 

The positive aspects of shared web hosting are-

  • It is a cost-effective solution.
  • No technical expertise is required on the company’s end
  • You have already configured servers.
  • No maintenance and server administration are needed.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Under this category of VPS hosting, your website shares a common server with other users but there is a virtual partition between each user. A website that is hosted on a private virtual server is allocated a limited amount of resources. 

VPS web hosting is good for medium-scale businesses, e-commerce stores, and large blogs with an increasing audience. 

The positives of opting for VPS hosting are-

  • Your website gets a dedicated server space.
  • Your website performance is not affected by the traffic on any other website.
  • You get to access the roots of a server
  • Your website gets highly customized service. 

Cloud Hosting

This type of web hosting uses numerous virtual servers to host sites. So if in any case one of the servers faces any problem or traffic, the other servers take over and maintain the website operations. 

Cloud hosting includes functioning through a cluster of web servers. Businesses with multiple websites and large-scale e-commerce stores. 

The benefits of Cloud Hosting are-

  • Little risk of downtime and hardware failure.
  • It helps your website handle high traffic and prevent attacks.
  • It increases the scalability of your website.

WordPress Hosting

This is a type of Content Management system web hosting service that gives WordPress-optimized servers to enable your website to load quickly and minimize potential threats. The best WordPress web hosting includes pre-installed themes, plugins, and other tools. 

The benefits of choosing WordPress hosting are-

  • It is a beginner-friendly and cost-effective web hosting option
  • It optimizes the performance of WordPress websites
  • You have well-trained customer support executives with WordPress expertise.
  • You have access to pre-installed WordPress plugins and themes.

Dedicated Hosting 

This hosting solution provides the individual server for each website. With dedicated web hosting, you can choose server configuration, your desired operating system, and software, and customize the hosting specifications. 

The benefits of having a dedicated hosting server are as powerful as having your server. In addition to this, you get professional support from your web hosting service provider. Dedicated hosting is best for large businesses operating online that drive heavy traffic. 

The advantages of having a dedicated hosting service-

  • You get full control of your server’s configuration
  • It gives root access to the server.
  • It is a highly reliable web hosting solution

You need a solid web hosting solution when you are planning to grow your website. Then you should consider migrating to a more advanced hosting solution such as cloud hosting or VPS. 

If you are preparing to launch a new website, you need to do a lot of decision-making. Whether it’s an online business, blog, or any website, when making a digital transformation, your first step is to sign up for a hosting account. 

You must inculcate in your employees the basics of web hosting and its different types to find out the most cost-effective and reliable solution for your website. 

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