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Modern organizations face many challenges concerning the privacy and security of business data. Companies have voluminous data stored within their various departments so data security and privacy become of utmost importance. 

Often these two terms ‘Data Security’ and ‘Data Privacy’ are used synonymously. The organizations believe that data security is an umbrella term also covering data privacy concerns. Although these two terms are interrelated, they are not the same. 

 In this article, we shall try to determine the key differences between Data Privacy and Data Security. 

What is the difference between Data Security and Data Privacy? 

Data Security refers to the method of securing business data safe from unauthorized access with the help of data encryption, authentication, key management, etc. Whereas, Data Privacy falls under data security and refers to the proper handling of business data including data collection, data usage, and ensuring compliance. 

Simply put, Data Security is the business approach that handles the Data Privacy of an organization. 

The Importance of Data Privacy

Data is one of the most valuable possessions of any organization be it small or large. Global Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are the best examples of how to lead the industry by keeping data privacy on top. To build trust and accountability with their customers, businesses adopt transparency in taking consent and managing clients’ data. 

The privacy of information provided by a user is his right to be free from any kind of unwanted intervention. With the increasing impact of digitization on the world, businesses are realizing that following strict guidelines to ensure personal data privacy is crucial for both organizations and customers. 

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) is the strict data privacy regulation to date. Following the footsteps of the GDPR privacy mandates several other countries are also implementing data privacy measures. The enactment of data privacy regulations is a big step to ensure data privacy. But data privacy is incomplete without effective and proper implementation of data security and new technological solutions. 

Why is Data Security Important?

Data Security consists of measures to prevent any unauthorized access to computer systems, networks, and applications that handle business data. In a broader sense, data security measures allow organizations to control and protect sensitive business data from exploitation and malicious attacks. 

Data Privacy is not a technological tool so the responsibility of keeping sensitive business data secure lies in Data Security solutions. Data Privacy determines which crucial business information is to be secured and Data Security draws out how that sensitive data is to be protected. 

A solid data security program will use strategic tools and solutions to eliminate the risk of Data Breach. Some of the effective Data Security tools are Data Encryption, Multi-factor authentication, Access Control, Network Security, and Data Access Monitoring.      

Final Thoughts

Data Privacy and Data Security are just like the two sides of the coin. Businesses need to understand the importance of both and use them together. To address the issues of data security and privacy, businesses must keep up with the best practices and data policies. 

To safeguard your business and customers, you must adopt solid data security policies and implement them throughout business operations.