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If you own an online business, you may always look for ways to make it more successful. The business world is rapidly evolving and the latest web technologies emerge every other day. These constant developments offer businesses new opportunities to not just expand their business but also enhance customer experience. 

Over the years, web development has become extremely crucial to the success of online businesses. To have an edge over other competitors in the market, businesses should remain aware of the latest web technology and development trends. 

Let’s look at the latest Web Development Trends that can be followed by businesses in 2023 to increase customer engagement.

Progressive Web App Technology: The top trend in the field of web development in 2023 is Progressive Web App Technology. A PWA is a web application that functions as a website and offers a complete mobile application experience. This web app doesn’t need a browser, rather they run as an independent native app. Given below are some of the benefits PWA provides to both businesses and users-

  • It reduces development and maintenance costs
  • It gets quickly launched and is easy to install
  • It saves the device’s power consumption and storage and offers high speed
  • It also helps to boost the website’s customer engagement and conversion rate. 

One Statista’s research reveals that by 2026, almost $8.1 Billion people will start using mobile devices globally. PWA is a recent technological innovation but its development is not rocket science. The main objective of building a progressive web app is to create a web design that focuses on user experience. The PWAs must be similar in look and feel to native apps by creating an intuitive UX and visually-attractive UI design. Brands such as Flipkart, Jumia, AliExpress, and others have already developed progressive web apps.   

Augmented Reality: The next web development trend that is taking over the business industry is Augmented Reality. AR technology has penetrated the lives of modern customers as it is being widely used in education, healthcare, gaming, and mobile devices. Statista study found that the global AR, VR, and MR market value will reach $250 Billion by 2028. It is challenging for e-commerce websites but AR technology is adopted to enhance UX. 

AR solutions with other web development trends can help e-commerce websites reduce service time, make online shopping more tangible, and allow customers to try products before shopping. With the help of AR, websites create online showrooms and give customers a real-store experience. For example, Amazon used web AR to help customers choose from different styles and select the right product. 

The introduction of AR technology has bridged the gap between offline and online stores. This has been the best web development trend in the past year and is likely to evolve in 2023.  

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence assistants can automatically collect data, learn from it, and solve complex issues. It is one of the most influential technologies which is going to shape the future of web development. It is also predicted that in 2023 AI-enabled communication is going to grow. The best AI virtual assistants Alexa, Siri, Cortana, etc are the latest web development trends. 

AI technology enables businesses to increase customer engagement and upgrade human interaction. AI assistants help businesses and customers perform operations quickly with the help of text and voice messages. That is why businesses need to adopt the latest web development trends. AI improves overall customer engagement and businesses of all sizes can benefit from this technology.  

Voice Search: Voice search is the next web development trend that gained popularity with the invention of AI technology. In modern times, voice search is the latest emerging trend in the technological world. There are numerous voice assistant programs available in the market these days. Voice assistant is a program that functions through artificial intelligence. It generates results when the user requests it to do so through his voice. The automated system first records the voice and removes any noise in the background. Then it converts the voice into text and generates results based on the words in the database. The voice search market is predicted to reach a value of 11.2 billion by 2026. 15% of modern-day customers use voice assistants to search for products online. 

The web development trends for 2023 puts special emphasis on the importance of voice optimization for websites of all kinds. Many companies are now manufacturing voice search-enabled digital products. Using voice search technology offers several benefits to both users and businesses. By saving time and energy, it allows users to enhance their experience. Similarly, voice search serves as a source of customer behavior analytics for businesses. 

Industry Experts believe that voice search and navigation technology is going to become more relevant in the coming years.        

Personalization of Content: Content personalization is another extremely important web development trend to look out for in 2023. Good quality content gives a personalized experience to the readers in the form of relevant, interesting, and useful content. 

According to personalization research, nearly 62% of users said that businesses will lose customer loyalty if they fail to offer a personalized experience to the customers. The need for a personalized experience was already there; it just increased more during the pandemic. The way consumers used web technologies saw a change during the lockdown period. To keep your website running well, you need to offer relevant content to the visitors. How can you do that?

With the help of Machine Learning, a website can track the activity of the users and produce content that matches their interests. When the users interact with the website for quite some time, it auto-generates content based on the user’s preference. So, during the next visit of the user, all the web pages will be personalized. For example, Netflix and Alibaba have already started to use ML technology to offer personalized user experiences. 

Using cookies is also a great option to personalize content for the users. Cookies are files that keep a check on the user’s site visits and provide users with relevant content based on their interests.  

Final Thoughts

The top web development trends for 2023 are the ones that companies need to adopt. Adopting these technological trends will help businesses to earn customer loyalty and also increase ROI. Users will also be able to enhance their web experience with the help of these technologies. 

At Perfect Timing Technologies, we will help you adopt these web development trends and grow successfully.