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Creating an SEO-friendly website is a necessity to compete in today’s digital world. According to one study, almost 68% of online experiences start with searching a query on search engines. Making your web pages appear on top of search engines provides numerous benefits ranging from increased web traffic to improved credibility of your website.  

Moreover, an SEO-friendly website can change the overall user experience and increase satisfaction. Investing your time and efforts in SEO means you realize its potential as a valuable asset. Therefore, you should prioritize SEO as a part of your digital marketing strategy. 

This article will discuss some crucial ways to create an SEO-friendly website. Let us begin-

Before we delve deeper into the topic, you should note that it takes time to improve SEO rankings. But that should not be considered a backdrop in striving to get top search engine rankings.  

  1. Appropriate Keywords Usage: Appropriate usage of SEO-friendly keywords is crucial to improving the ranking of your website on SERPs. While creating content, always utilize relevant keywords to help search engines recognize your website. You can generate a list of relevant keywords with the help of keyword research tools. Type your keyword on the search bar in the search engine you will get related topics. You can also use tools like Google Trends or Ahrefs. You must know how to utilize the relevant keywords strategically in your content. You should also avoid using keywords that can negatively impact your website’s content. 
  2. Using Header Tags: To create an SEO-friendly website, use header tags effectively. Header tags are HTML components that provide structure and meaning to the website content. These tags contain <h1> to <h6> elements wherein <h1> and <h2> are the most important. So, focus on using the relevant keywords in <h1> and <h2> tags that include the content’s title and headings. To increase your search engine rankings, you should always make effective use of header tags in your content.   
  3. Having a Clean URL Structure: To create an SEO-friendly website, having a clean URL structure is necessary. An SEO-friendly URL is readable, understandable, and related to the page context. SEO-friendly URLs help search engines to crawl and index websites and understand each webpage’s content. SEO-friendly URLs enable search engines to crawl through your website more efficiently and accurately and help your web pages rank higher on SERPs.  
  4. Adding Internal Links: Adding internal links refers to including hyperlinks in your content to other pages or content on your website. It creates a connection between content on your website and makes it easy for search engines to understand the structure and relevance of each webpage. But you should know how to effectively add hyperlinks in your content to the other relevant pages. The right strategy to use internal links within your content will decrease bounce rates. The users will quickly find the content they are looking for and navigate your website smoothly. Internal links also enhance user engagement on your website. However, inserting too many internal links can negatively impact user experience which is not good for your business in the long run. You can use tools like Yoast SEO, Link Whisper, and Internal Link Juicer to optimize internal links and make your website more SEO-friendly.      
  5. Ensuring that Website is Mobile-friendly: An SEO-friendly website is not just related to optimizing the content but also includes building a mobile-friendly website. A study showed almost 59% of global website traffic was driven by mobile users in the second quarter of 2022. That is why search engines consider mobile-friendliness a big factor in ranking a website on search engine pages. Being mobile-friendly means that a website will easily open on mobile devices. Moreover, a website design should be responsive and compatible with different mobile screens. Modern online business platforms also have a mobile version available for mobile users. 

Final Thoughts

Besides the tips mentioned above, there are many other ways to create an SEO-friendly website. To improve its online presence, a business must understand the value of search engine optimization. 

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