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As the population grows, the demand for food increases while land becomes scarce. John Deere firmly believes that only by leveraging sensors and machine learning can we meet these pressing demands. In addition, using robots is crucial for transforming farms and addressing the urgent challenges of climate change and unpredictable weather patterns. 

Have you heard of John Deere’s revolutionary agricultural technology, ExactShot? This groundbreaking innovation utilises state-of-the-art sensors and robotics to dramatically decrease fertiliser consumption by up to 60%, resulting in substantial cost savings for farmers and reducing the amount of harmful chemicals in the soil. The primary objective of John Deere robots is to assist farmers in optimising their expenditure while safeguarding the environment against harmful pollutants. 

ExactShot technology confidently delivers precise pulses of fertiliser to each seed using sensors and robots, eliminating the need for continuous soil fertilisation in rows and leaving unfertilised gaps in between. In addition, preventing excess fertilisers from being applied to the soil is an efficient way to avoid the growth of weeds that steal nutrients from crops and contaminate waterways from fields. According to Deanna Kovar, Vice President of Precision Farming Manufacturing and Production Systems at John Deere, precision plays a crucial role in farming due to the large areas covered and yields per hectare. The goal is to ultimately use computer vision and machine learning technology to differentiate the treatment of plants within an acre of the field.

The cutting-edge breakthrough in agriculture lies in integrating robotics and sensors to optimise crop yields and resource usage. The newly developed fertiliser technology serves as a prime illustration of this advancement. Farmers can now confidently access John Deere’s ExactShot system. John Deere, a well-established company based in Moline, Illinois, since 1837, has always been known for its strong focus on agriculture. However, the company has recently expanded its horizons towards technological advancements. Last year, John Deere showcased an exceptional range of fully autonomous tractors, signifying its unwavering dedication to spearheading innovation in the agricultural sector. John Deere is exhibiting their latest electric vehicle technology at their 2023 show, including their first electric excavator for urban work. This acquisition of a majority stake in Kreisel, a battery company, shows its commitment to reducing noise pollution and construction site emissions. It’s worth noting that large battery-powered tractors have yet to be made available, but John Deere is actively working on developing them.

The 8R tractor is one of our most sizable pieces of equipment available. However, using a battery as its power source would require a battery of double its capacity. In 2023, John Deere will exhibit its innovative See & Spray sprayer with a cutting-edge camera and image recognition technology. This system can distinguish between plants and weeds and selectively administer herbicides, thereby minimising chemical application.