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Search Engine Optimization is not just a powerful business tool but also an important component of Digital marketing. As the name suggests SEO has some connection with search engines. This article aims to explain why SEO is good for your business. 

What is SEO and why is it important?

In simple terms, effective SEO optimizes the visibility of your business online. This means that more users will come across your website and drive traffic to it through which your products and services will reach more people. 

Let’s take an example to understand the importance of SEO for a business. 

Whenever you type a query on the google search bar, you find around ten options on the first page. Chances are that you will click on one of the first ten options that you have in front of you. It is because the very first page of google contains all the information you requested in the query. 

Similarly, when your products and services are the ones that have answers to your target audience query, you might want to be on the first page. You are losing on the competition if you aren’t on the first ten spots on Google’s first page. 

This is the significance of SEO for a business that aims to rank at the top of search engines. SEO gives you the power to answer your target audience’s questions. It not only attracts new customers but also increases your online visibility and website traffic. 

In the long run, SEO strengthens your business relationship with your customers and other businesses. 

The Important Factors that Drive SEO Functions

SEO is all about quantity and quality. If your website is good on both the front and back ends, it would increase your web traffic. As a result of this, your website’s search engine ranking will go up. Building a strong SEO works best when SEO elements are combined with a data-driven approach. 

Let’s find out the important factors that strengthen your business’ SEO processes.

  1. Keyword Analysis: Keywords are powerful tools to control your online rankings. Keywords can be single words or small phrases that are used by customers to search for their queries. Therefore, it is extremely important to extensively research and strategically place those keywords in your content to generate high-quality content. Keywords are one of the main reasons to use SEO strategy for your business. The prospective users type certain words or phrases to find out the products and services they need. If your content contains those words or phrases, your online visibility will increase as you are providing answers by utilizing the relevant keywords. The most effective keywords are the ones that are carefully researched and analyzed before putting them into your content. 
  2. Backlink Building: Backlinks are the links on your website that links back to other high-quality websites relevant to your area of expertise. Backlinks can increase your credibility as they are taken straight from the sources. Backlink building should be done strategically so that your content is not lost in the sea of other sources. To enhance the effectiveness of your SEO, you need to carry out the backlink-building process ethically and carefully. 
  3. Relevant Content: Content takes your SEO to another level. The content on your website allows you directly communicate with your existing customers and target audience. Good content creates a balance between the human side of your customer-driven business and data-driven analytics. Both are key players in optimizing your digital presence. Content may include blogs, podcasts, webpage texts, infographics, videos, social media posts, and newsletters. Your content tells the audience about your business goals, products, and services.

How can SEO help your Business?

SEO can help your business in ample ways as discussed below-

  • It helps in building brand trust: SEO and user experience are the two sides of a coin. SEO helps your business to build trust organically. User experience is the interaction that takes place between your customers and the website. A positive customer experience will increase your web clicks and traffic thereby increasing your SEO. Organically moving forward, your ranking on SERP will gradually reach the top ten spots. Organic search refers to the search results that show on the SERP directly through a user’s search. It is the opposite of paid searches. SEO helps to build trust organically over time and will grow your digital marketing and business in the long run.  
  • Your online visibility drives organic traffic: Online visibility in an organic way means your website is appearing because of users searching. Customers seek your brand based on their needs and then keywords come into play. Customer engagement is spurred when they see your business as the one that can fulfill their needs. SEO allows your potential customers to see you online and begin engaging with your brand. SEO enhances your online visibility to reach your target audience and thus impacts the purchase cycle. Local SEO also plays a crucial role in driving organic traffic to your website. Focusing on local SEO will enhance your online visibility leading to an increase in your customer base.    
  • It helps to understand the difference between paid and organic searches: An important part of Digital Marketing is Search Engine Marketing(SEM) which is paid search marketing. Pay-per-click marketing campaigns indulge in strategic research to increase the ROI of your business. Getting organic traffic for your website should be the eventual goal of your digital marketing strategy. Paid search campaigns can help in increasing your business’s online visibility. But you have to make sure that your paid search does not appear as an Ad on SERPs. Paid search if done correctly can market your brand among the target customers effectively. SEO tactics enable your content to be visible to a larger audience who are looking for a particular solution.   
  • Organic searches lead to click Share: Click Share refers to all the clicks the website receives. It is an important tool to expand your business by helping you attain more clicks. A good SEO leads to an increase in click share as organic results receive more click shares. 

Click-share data can be utilized in search and marketing campaigns at various levels. SEO is the key to increased click share. Click share is the estimate based on your website’s past digital footprint and views received by Ad campaigns and content.  

The relevance, quality, and quantity of your business largely depend upon your SEO efforts. At Perfect Timing Technologies, we take a data-driven approach to offer the best SEO services to our clients. Contact us today to plan your digital marketing strategy.