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Social Media in present times plays a crucial role in shaping the growth of any business. It is because social media platforms have better reach and visibility that makes all the difference. Whether a customer is happy with a product or is raging about the poor experience, it is shared through social media. 

How a business responds to its customer’s queries and complaints will help in either breaking customer loyalty or building trust and integrity among a wider audience. Therefore, businesses must leverage the opportunity provided by social media platforms in delivering excellent customer service. 

Modern businesses must focus on transforming social media into a powerful customer service tool. These digital platforms can provide personalized and round-the-clock customer service. 

How would Social Media Enable Better Customer Service?

It is expected that the total number of social media users will reach 4.41 billion by 2025. The tech-savvy users of today value digital-first experiences that include accessibility, speed, and good connectivity. This gives businesses an opportunity for businesses to serve their customers in the best possible manner.  

Given below are some of the benefits of offering customer service using social media-

  1. Social media allows you to meet your customers conveniently: When your business is digitally present on social media, it makes it easier to reach potential customers and encourage customer engagement. Digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc have the most number of young age users. If most of your target audience falls under this category, you can set up a live chat session to address customer queries and requests with convenience. 
  2. Social media allows one-on-one communication with your customers: Social media gives businesses accessible and direct channels to indulge in one-on-one communication with their customers. Customers can reach out to your brand easily from anywhere at any time. This allows businesses to resolve customer queries effectively and creatively as well. Interacting with your customers through social media will build customer loyalty, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase advocacy. 
  3. Social media enables speedy response time: It becomes easy for businesses to identify the engagement and activities revolving around a brand on social media. It helps businesses to quickly respond to customer queries and issues on social media. You can set up chatbots to address simple customer queries and forward more complex issues to higher customer care agents for better resolution. 
  4. Social media allows businesses to access ample customer feedback: Social media domination in the lives of customers these days allows businesses to get valuable and real-time data about their products. Customer, whether happy or dissatisfied, tends to share their thoughts or perceptions of a brand on various social media platforms. Generating consumer feedback through social media is much faster and easier than getting it through direct calls or emails. The user-generated content also helps other potential customers to make better purchase decisions. The customer service teams can take advantage of this information to enhance customer experience. 
  5. Social media helps in building a positive brand image: The testimonials and referrals from loyal customers are crucial to a brand’s image. When loyal customers share their positive experiences with your business on social media platforms, it can encourage other users to turn to your brand and become new customers. Offering constant customer support on social media builds your brand image to be a highly dedicated and professional business. 
  6. Social media helps to leverage the USPs of various platforms: Each social media platform offers different ways to interact with your customers. For instance, Twitter has an easy reply option, Facebook automatically adds a “very responsive” badge on a business account if it resolves customer queries in little time, and Whatsapp has live chat and chatbots to respond to customer queries. 

The creativity and engagement on social media platforms are very high, so delivering on-time and good customer service is complex. To power up your customer service on social media platforms, you must know the difference between servicing on various social media platforms. According to the distinct needs, you must formulate unique strategies for each different channel.To build extraordinary customer service on social media Contact Us now.